What is ShotBuddy?

ShotBuddy is a Mobile Basketball Shooting App that allows the shooter to track their performance in real time using their smartphone.

ShotBuddy tracks and monitors your shooting motion, court positioning , and tracks the shooters accuracy , distance, and other aspect of your game using your smartphone.  ShotBuddy gives real time feedback to the user.

Using the ShotBuddy App; Parents, Coaches, and Student Athletes can Track, Monitor and Compare their skills with other players anywhere.

What can ShotBuddy do for you?

-Tracks your shot performance in real time
– Learns, monitors, and tracks your shooting form.
  – Tells you when your shooting form is off
  – Helps you practice your natural shooting form.
– Compete and compare your shooting skills with players anywhere.
 – Play against your favorite player’s stats and see if you can beat them!

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