Introducing RunBeats

Take Your Run To The Next Level with RunBeats!

RunBeats keep you pumped by playing the music you love.

RunBeats Syncs your music to your run, so if you like running to fast pace HipHop Country, you can skip the mundane, and Run With your favorite songs playing !

We all know that listening to your favorite tunes while running can boost your mood and your performance!

In fact, research has shown, those who listened to music ran 04% – 08% faster than individuals who ran without music.

But what happens when your playlist gets old and stale? Then your playlist becomes a distraction!

With RunBeats you can stop the distractions and start the music, run to your favorite songs curated and sorted by A.I. with beat, genre, style, and tempo that makes you move!

Fact: Matching your stride to a particular beat can help you better regulate your pace, this effect is known as auditory motor synchronization. Runners World 2018

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