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Hi everyone thanks for joining the RunBeats beta,
The RunBeats Welcome Email will have exciting updates, instructions, tips, and tricks, and new feature updates!

Members Only
I’m excited to announce our RunBeats Founding Members Program! The fact is, with inflation, its getting harder to raise money to launch a start up. And in order for The Titan Athletics Co., and the RunBeats App to be successful It’s no secret we have to raise money, every startup does.

But I wanted to do this differently, I believe Founders, can help us shape the future and vision of RunBeats. So I created the Founders Program for those members that want to help us through their financial support, and through their feedback. Founder will get access to early (stable) builds of RunBeats, and through our RoundTable events they will be able to us to tell us what is working for them, and what is not. For the most part Founders will be a sort of gatekeeper or what features, and services we prioritize and what features we roll out.

Founders are Limited!
The number of Founders are LIMTED! We are intentionally keeping the number of Founders to limited number of people, and we will cap the number of Founders so we not go over in the number of Founding Members we have.

Founders are Lifetime Membership
A founder is a lifetime Membership, however if you choose to do so, you can sell your Founders Membership back to the company, and to other members in an auction type environment we you can sell to another member for a profit, or sell it your niece or nephew for .01 Titan Athletics will host a members only market place to sell your membership. There is only 1 rule. YOU must sell your membership to RunBeats user and current subscriber! If buyer does not have an account, and is not an active subscriber they cannot purchase your Founders Membership.

Founders Benefits:
We want to make sure the Founders Membership is exciting and fun program for Members so we will be offering exciting:

  • Access to new and Premium features!

  • Discounts on 3rd party plug ins and add-ons.

  • Exclusive Swag! Running Gear and Apparel from Titan And Our Partners

  • Invites to special RunBeats / Titan Athletics Co. and RunBeats Promotional Events .

  • Many More Features To Come!

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