About CoachE!

About Coach E!


Coach E, Founder of Titan Athletics Co.

Hi I’m Coach E!

I started the Titan Athletics Co. because I have a passion for the sports and helping student-athletes get better. So I started The Titan Athletics Co. to develop the training, applications, and tools they need to empower them, and help them get better.


Coach E, Empower Student-Athletes

Why Did I Start Coaching?

I started coaching when my oldest son decided he wanted to play sports. Like any father, I wanted to be there to help him follow his path in sports. The school ‘s basketball team were looking for volunteer coaches to help out with scheduling, and managing the kids so I volunteered. First Football, then Basketball, then Track.

After that experience realized I loved helping kids get better at their sport, and achieve their goals. I saw sports as an opportunity to keep kids engages at school, and as a way to fuel their desire to go to college.


The Birth of A Vision…

When my oldest son started playing basketball. Like any parent I bought him a basketball, and signed him up for a team. Immediately I noticed some kids had good consistent basketball skills, THEY WERE THE STAND OUTS! Other players ranged from consistent, too very inconsistent in their skills.

One thing was stood out, that even at this level , competition was pretty fierce.

I found some coaches focused on the win. Sometimes, at the expense of the child. The desire to play and start was the motivation behind the competitive atmosphere among the players on the team.

Immediately my oldest became concerned about his ability to shoot the ball. He told me he wanted me to teach him how to shoot the ball because he didn’t want to be laughed at school.

So I thought to myself sure, NO Problem! Like most kids in my day, I was taught through word of mouth, and trial and error, by my dad. What little basketball skill I had was perfected on the basketball courts at the playground.

But I never felt or believed that I was taught properly, mainly because I missed more shots than I made. I had NO confidence in my shot, so I knew exactly how my son felt at the time.

The Dumb Waiter Drills Was Born

I envisioned a world where it was easy for parents to find books, to teach the proper fundamentals. Not so, I soon found out there was NO easy or consistent way to teach kids the proper technique to shoot a basketball, there was no official tools or training manuals for coaches.

At that time you had to do what I did, and watch videos, or draw on your own experience, or follow the lead of the teams coach, and who knows where he learned it from. If your’e school is lucky the coach played basketball in college, or was a semi pro somewhere.

I wanted to change that, teaching proper form or technique is essential to helping the child reach their potential in any sport.

I bought books, checked out videos at the local library, to study the shooting form of the greats like Larry Bird, Detlef Schrempf, MJ, Kobe, Ray Allen, and many more. By watching and studying the videos, and photo action shots of top shooters in the NBA, I saw patterns that showed up in every successful shooters form, and shot. By studying that pattern, I was able to put together a best practices guide , which became the basis for e-quide titled:

The Dumb Waiter Drills, The Secret To The Sure Shot!

The pattern became so easy to spot, that if you know what to look for, you can could tell almost immediately, before the player takes the shot, if the shot was going to make the shot, or not, even before the shooter releases the ball.

The Secret To The Sure Shot!

At first I tried teaching players how to shoot by just copying the shot of famous NBA players, but I learned quickly that because every child and player is different, I needed a way to adapt the technique to the child’s uniqueness, to include, their height, length of arms, size of hand, motion patterns etc. with consistency regardless of the child unique attributes. I call this Natural Alignment.

Natural Alignment is key to an accurate, and consistent shot!

The Dumb Waiter Drill teaches Players how to shoot a basketball with proper form and technique. Using their bodies NATURAL ALIGNMENT!

Click Here! To Get Your Free Copy!

Click Here! To Get Your Free Copy!

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A Paradigm Shift!

You know the old saying… “Practice Makes Perfect”, and my coaches favorite “Practice How You Play!” So We thought what if we changed the way we practice?

Once players start hitting their shot, an interesting thing happen, most kids wanted to know where they’re shots where landing and where their shots where missing?

The easy answer was to get a pencil and paper and start recording the areas on the court they missed and made their shots. I realized the value of showing players where they making their shots, and where they were missing their shots during practice and when you calculate their shot percentage in each location, it became easier to help them understand what they are doing wrong.

So during every practice I started counting and recording the shots by location on the court and thats when It became clear to me that we needed a way to do this.

ShotBuddy Was Born!

They say necessity is the mother of invention. ShotBuddy was Born out of the necessity to track and record the players performance during practice so that he or she could improve their shooting consistency and Accuracy!