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The Titan Athletics Basketball Club
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This is Coach E! Head Coach of The Titan Athletics Basketball Club. As the virus trends down, and the availability of the vaccines become more prevalent, we anticipate basketball starting up again.To ensure the safety of everyone participating, I and the coaches I work with will be get vaccinated before starting practices.

Practice will be held at the UC HIGH School Basketball Courts. To reduce, and prevent the spread of the virus, all practice, and personalize training and will be held on out doors courts. I’ve reached out to the district to see when we can start reserving the courts for practice. I will keep everyone posted via the TeamSnap App!

If you are interested in having your child join our basketball club for training, practices, and tournament play,  please complete the short form below.
You will receive a link to an app called Team Snap. It’s how I will manage the team communication and important information going forward.

If you know anyone who wants to play, compete, and train at a high level please forward this link.




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