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What Are We? What Do We Do?

We are Titan Athletics Co., a company founded by Eric Larkin Sr, also known as Coach E!

Our mission is to empower student athletes worldwide by providing top-notch sports training and skill development. Our initial focus is on basketball and we offer two innovative products to achieve this: ShotBuddy, a mobile basketball shot tracking app, and Dumb Waiter Drills, a technique for enhancing shooting accuracy and consistency.

Focusing On The Fundamentals

About the author

Hi there! I’m Eric Larkin Sr, but on the basketball court, you can call me Coach E. As the Founder and CEO of The Titan Athletics Co., I’m also the author of the transformative 3-step basketball shooting eBook called “The Dumb Waiter Drills” and the soon-to-launch “The Motion Drills.” These eGuides are crafted to help young basketball players perfect their shooting form and technique. Beyond the training guides and eBooks, I’m the tech force behind ShotBuddy Lite, a mobile app designed to track your shooting on the courts during practice in real-time.

My tenure with the USMC and USNR instilled in me a discipline and attention to detail. These values have been vital in developing the exacting techniques foundational to both “The Dumb Waiter Drills” and “The Motion Drills.” These experiences shaped a methodology that teaches anyone how to shoot a basketball with accuracy, consistency, and precision in every shot, using their body’s natural alignment.

My 30 plus years at tech behemoths like Microsoft, Apple, and Qualcomm equipped me with the technical expertise essential for creating athlete-centric mobile apps. ShotBuddy Lite and the upcoming ShotAnalyzer are not just any apps; they’re a fusion of tech innovation and coaching insights, offering players the advantage they need, whether practicing solo or in a team setting.

At The Titan Athletics Co., our motto is “Empowering Student Athletes Everywhere!” We believe in empowering student athletes by enabling them to Train, Track, and Analyze their performance in real-time. Proper training is the starting point, and “The Dumb Waiter Drills” will refine your static shooting, while “The Motion Drills” are set to elevate dynamic, off the dribble shooting in the game.

Tracking your performance in real-time is paramount for growth, and with ShotBuddy Lite and the soon-to-be-released ShotAnalyzer, players can fine-tune shooting skills, identifying strengths and areas for improvement. Analyze; for the first time, athletes can analyze and rectify their performance in real time, on the court, during practice with these tools.

The future and Evolution of basketball training is here at The Titan Athletics Co. Join us and Elevate your game to Titan Levels!

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See You On The Courts!

Coach E!