Dumb Waiter Drills: The Secret To The Sure Shot!

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“The Dumb Waiter Drills:
The Secret To The Sure Shot”

Is The Only 3-StepBasketball Shooters Guide, That Can Teach Anyone How To Shot A Basketball With Accuracy, Consistency, and Precision, Using Your body’s Natural Alignment.

“Master the Art of Shooting: Unlock the Secrets to Basketball Success!”

Discover the ultimate guide to perfecting your basketball shooting skills and taking your game to unparalleled heights. With a unique blend of expert insights, step-by-step instructions, and comprehensive visual guide to transform your skills on the court.

Why This Book is a Game Changer:

  • Expertise at Your Fingertips: Dive deep into the world of basketball shooting with time-tested technique of using your bodies natural alignment. This guide is crafted by a seasoned coach who’s seen it all.
  • From Basics to Advanced: Whether you’re just starting out or looking to refine your skills, this book caters to players of all levels. It breaks down complex techniques into digestible chunks, ensuring you grasp every detail.
  • A Comprehensive Approach: Beyond just shooting, you’ll learn about posture, positioning, and the mental aspect of the game. Understand the nuances of reading your shot, adapting on the fly.
  • Visual Learning: With detailed images demonstrating every move, the images are designed to enhance comprehension and ensure you get your form just right.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: With specialized drills, in depths tips, to help you practice effectively and efficiently. The guide provides a clear roadmap, ensuring you spend your time wisely and see consistent improvement.’

Organized into 3 Easy to Read Sections

Position 1: Shooting Stance, Posture, and Shot Alignment Begin your basketball journey by mastering the fundamental building blocks of an impeccable shot. Dive deep into understanding the proper shooting stance, the significance of maintaining an upright posture, and ensuring your shot is perfectly aligned to the hoop.

What’s covered:

  • Foundation and Balance: Learn the importance of setting your feet shoulder-width apart and the role of toes in determining direction.
  • Body Posture: Discover the key to maintaining an upright torso, ensuring optimal balance and stability.
  • Alignment with the Basket: Understand the role of the shooting foot, and how it should align with the basket for accurate shots.

Position 2: CorkScrew Turn And Drop with Elbow Aims the Ball Unveil the secrets behind the CorkScrew Turn and Drop, a technique pivotal for generating power. Combine this with learning how your elbow ALWAYS aims the ball for accuracy and consistency. What’s covered:

  • CorkScrew Turn: Master the art of using your feet and hips to add spin, power, and direction to your shots.
  • The Drop: Understand the significance of ‘dropping’ into the shot for enhanced accuracy and power.
  • Elbow Aims the Ball: Learn how to spot, and re- position of your elbow, so you can make shots  with ease and consistency.

Position 3: Activating the 4 Levers of Power, Giving the Ball Life, and Reading your Shots Advance to the intricate techniques that transform regular players into sharpshooters. Dive into the mechanics of how to harness power, breathe life into your ball, and critically analyze every shot to continuously improve. What’s covered:

  • The 4 Levers of Power: Unlock the potential of your shooting form, by identifying and using the four distinct levers to maximize power.
  • Giving the Ball Life: Understand the role of wrist flexion, ensuring every shot has the desired spin, arc, and finesse.
  • Reading your Shots: Develop the ability to critically assess and understand each shot’s feedback, allowing for constant refinement and improvement.
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